Direct 2 Mum required a full web solution incorporating a complex and robust E-Commerce platform for a high turnover of sales, along with an integrated community area and support forum.

The E-Commerce implementation includes many features including integration with back end systems, drop ship products, custom back end order workflow, refunds and returns management, order messaging system, product promotions and voucher codes, integrated newsletter feature, and integrated Google Analytics sales transaction logging for direct ROI tracking.

The integrated community areas of the website required many custom built tools and functionality including the pregnancy due date and tracker, maternity pay calculator, ovulation calculator and reminder service, and baby names finder.

Standards CMS features include a latest news articles area, guides database, competitions and blogs.

An integrated Facebook application was also written to provide another point of entry for the website, this includes tools to help determine the pregnancy due date, along with posted updates along the way and a birth announcement feature.